Re-establishing a colony of swift at St Elphins Church

For many years there used to be a colony of swifts breeding in St Elphins Church Tower in Warrington.

Since it was interrupted, Brian Martin has been working tirelessly to try and get the colony re-established.  His attempts have taking another step recently with the installation in early June of bird nest boxes specifically designed for swifts.


These will be enhanced with recordings of swifts to tempt birds into the boxes.  Although this will not happen this season at least the recordings may entice investigation that may be fruitful in future years.  WNCF would like to thank firstly, Louise and Jim Bentley for their expertise in designing, constructing and installing the boxes, the Rector of Warrington, Paul Wilson, for his support for the project over many years and members of the Parochial Church Council at St.Elphins who helped in so many ways. Les Jones of the Forum did a lot of carrying of materials and assisting with the installation on the day. Last, but by no means least, thanks must go to Helen Lacey who worked with Brian Martin on this project for several years and is so delighted to hear that the boxes are now in place and awaiting their first breeding Swifts. The population of these magnificent birds has fallen by over 50% since 1995 and it is through initiatives such as this, that we hope to maintain and even increase the numbers of breeding Swifts in Warrington. They certainly need our help!