Development of the old Parkside Colliery site

Plans for the redevelopment of the Parkside Colliery are now beginning to be submitted with consultations currently taking place.  One planning application for requesting EIA Scoping Opinion has been submitted to Warrington Borough Council in line with application for access roads see planning application 2107/30726 at the WBC planning applications Webpage.  For more information check out the documents on the Parkside development website at

Under the latest news is the dates of the consultation which have unfortunately passed as the last one was today 13/07/17.  However there are downloads of the presentations as PDF’s at with a link to the PDFs via the link from Parkside Regeneration – Exhibition banners

Although only some of the actual site is within the boundaries of Warrington Borough Council, it will have a major impact on the wildlife and the environs of Warrington.