Houghton Green Pumping Station Site Survey June 2017

WNCF members carried out a mini BioBlitz at Houghton Green Pumping Station on Friday evening and into Saturday 16th and 17th June 2017.

Large Skipper
Marsh Orchid









A bat survey was undertaken on the 16th June 2017. Four species were recorded with at least 2 each of Noctule and Common Pipistrelle noted and single records of Soprano Pipistrelle along with a brief feeding pass of a Myotis (Whiskered) species of bat. Prior to the start of the bat survey a Barn Owl was noted on the grounds. The walk over survey was carried out on 17th June 2017.

The purpose of the mini bio blitz was to create a base line list of species (Houghton Green pumping station site survey June 2017).This can be added to previously recorded site data as well as providing a starting point for future surveys and comparisons.